Latest Trends in Package Design

Packaging Design is an important facet to the marketing and marketability of a product. Much like how a company’s logo communicates to the clients, the packaging of an item expresses its uniqueness to customers. The marketing teams of every company work hard to create the latest design for their product’s package, both to attract consumers and outdo their rivals. If you are looking to get a head-start on the competition, here are ten package design trends of 2020.


The minimalist trend continues from the previous years, following the principle of ‘less is more’. Packages made with a minimalist design are not cluttered with images or made bright with too many colors. The logo or another design element is made to stand out. If you are considering following this trend, try using and empowering a single element in the design – such as the logo, a picture, or color.


Environment Friendly

Many companies have been trying to find alternative materials to use for their packaging. Because in the end once an item is bought, its box or container is bound for the trash can. Using recyclable materials is a great way to tell your customers that the company is taking steps to be eco-friendly. If you want to show your company is eco-friendly, consider using paper over plastic.

Transparent Designs

Customers today would prefer to see what they are buying instead of reading the label and its contents list. They would rather trust their own eyes instead of the words of the company. Used mostly for food, transparent packaging uses design elements that match and elevate the contents and vice versa.


Companies are now turning to technology for an effective package design. QR codes are used to store and share information about a product. This can range from expiry dates, recipe suggestions, or the ingredients list. When using a QR code, don’t forget to consider what that code will replace the package and how it will benefit the buyer.

Flat Illustrations

As an extension of the minimalist trend, flat illustrations allow emphasis to be placed on the type (words), simple design, and colors. The simplicity of the design and color combinations makes using it for other brands easy to do. So if you plan on using a flat illustration, you can maximize it by thinking up a design that can be used on other brands of your company.


Although minimalism is an ongoing trend, some companies have chosen to use saturated colors and complicated designs to counter their competitors using simple designs. Bold package designs are made to wow and attract customers with various matching colors and images. If you want to take advantage of this ‘go big or go home’ approach, be sure to use patterns and colors that emphasize your brand. Do not use too many different elements because it will ruin the overall design cohesion.

Metallic and Shiny

Much like bold designs, metallic or shiny design elements are meant to draw customers in with a bright wow factor. A metallic or shiny look to a package elevates other elements of the design, as well as giving it a more luxurious or pricey look. If you want to emphasize a specific element of the package or give the impression of high quality, consider using metallic.


White and Black

A tried and tested color combination, black and white is a currently emerging design trend of 2020. Simple yet versatile, these two colors can do so much for any design. From elevating an element to emphasizing the contents, black and white can evoke boldness yet be so simple. If you cannot find that one color combination to go with your package design, consider using black and white.

Nostalgic Design

Some companies have brought back old and vintage designs of their package design. While there are customers who say these nostalgic designs are outdated, there are some who appreciate it. The feeling of nostalgia, a positive feeling of familiarity with the past, can be very powerful, and so consider using color palettes or patterns that old companies have used successfully.

Morphing Design

A morphing design shows an element going through a change. This change, either through optical illusion or fascinating design, is a great way to attract consumers. They will be drawn to these designs that display something new or ‘different to the norm.’ Use a morphing design if you want to create something bold but without strong colors and repetitive designs. You can use drawn elements or manipulated images.

And More…

There are countless other design trends out there, some of which will fall under the above list. If these ten design trends of 2020 aren’t what you are looking for, or you feel like you need something more, then do not stop here. Take your searches beyond the article and Contact Us to help develop your unique packaging design.