How to Make your LinkedIn Profile the Best it Can Be

Making a profile on LinkedIn can be pretty daunting, especially if you are making your account for the first time. You know you have the skills and experiences, but how can you communicate that to your potential employers? 

Continue reading to learn how to make your profile the best it can be with the following eight tips.

It Starts with the Profile Picture

The profile picture is the face of your account. It is the first thing people will see before reading your name and job title. And since first impressions are best impressions, you will need to do a few things. First, put on something you would wear to work – smart and professional looking. Then take a good close-up shot with a great smile on your face. Show them you are ready and willing to work.

Use a Background Photo

You have the option of adding a background photo on your profile. Use it to showcase a logo or a banner of your personal brand. It sets people’s expectations, letting them know what you are and what you do before they even scroll down to the ‘About’ section. If you want to make a picture for the background, keep it simple and not cluttered. If you don’t feel creative, you can use a free image from the internet. The background photo can really add color to your LinkedIn profile.

A headline example

Introduce Yourself with the Headline

Just under your name is a space called the ‘Headline’. Most people use this to write what their job title is, like content writer, architect, or social media manager. Instead of doing this, use the headline to briefly introduce yourself. Let your future employer know how you think, what your goals are, or what makes you you. This will give your profile a personal touch.


Say More About You

Once you’ve used the headline to introduce yourself, use the About section to tell the story behind you. Don’t stop at listing your skills, your training, or your past job experiences. Tell them about your professional journey, and why you are on LinkedIn now. Share a quote that drives you or tell them about your worth ethic. Write something you would want your future employer to know about you. As much as possible, do not leave this part blank.

List Your Skills

This here is the easy part. List out all the skills you have that are both related and unrelated to your field of expertise. Don’t worry if you are not super proficient with some of these skills, because you will have time to practice them. For example, as a content writer, it would not hurt at all to say I have skills in customer service or that I can use Photoshop. Every skill you have counts, so let them know you have it.

Do a Skill Quiz

Taking a LinkedIn Skill Quiz is a great way to test the knowledge behind your skills. It involves answering 15 multiple choice questions, with each question testing a specific idea within that skill. If you were able to finish it with a score of 70% or more, you will earn a badge which you can choose to display on your profile. These badges will tell everyone that you are indeed proficient with that skill, making your LinkedIn profile even better.

Write something…

Or share something

Use Your Feed

LinkedIn, being a social network platform for business owners and job seekers, gives you your own personal space like Facebook or Twitter. You can use this space to share some amazing content from your field, such as case studies and media links. You can even go to other people’s feeds to comment and share their content. Be careful though: hiring agents may look at your feed before contacting you. If they don’t like what’s on your feed, they won’t hire you.

Build Your Network

Always take the time to build up your network of connections on LinkedIn. You can do this by adding people who share the same interests as you or are in the same field. Alternatively, you can invite your email contacts onto LinkedIn and make them into connections. By having more connections, you can increase the number of people that will view your profile. And as your network grows, more people will try to connect with you.

I hope these eight tips were useful in making your LinkedIn profile the best it can be. It will get better too, as you earn endorsements and recommendations from your connections.

Linkedin is a social network…so be social

Be sure to post content on LinkedIn’s newsfeed that is valuable and engaging for your audience. “Salesy” posts and “pitches” will not get you very far. But adding value to your network of peers, colleagues, and potential buyers will make you relevant and position you as an expert in your field.

When messaging new connections on LinkedIn…Be Conversational

Four out of every 5 messages you receive from new connections on LinkedIn are likely sales pitches…or messages that are formatted like spam emails (which would usually go directly to your spam folder to be lost and never touched again). 

Separate yourself from the pack by starting genuine conversations with people on LinkedIn. Whether they are a potential buyer, business partner, or someone interesting. Don’t be in a mindset of ABC…Always Be Closing…and instead think of how you’d like someone to message you!