Colors – Their Meaning and Future

Colors have a natural effect on people. It has the power to influence decisions, alter moods, and generate varying perceptions. There is a whole science behind it, known as color psychology, which is used by marketing experts to create effective business plans and strategies. We the consumers never notice this, but we react to these colors at a subconscious level. For us to know how color psychology is used by businesses, we should look at a handful of colors and what they stand for.

Colors and their Meaning

Although it would be great to talk about each and every color, the information behind the science and their effects on consumers is best discussed in separate articles for each color. Below is a list of five colors and a very short summary of what they mean to businesses.

  • Red is a warm color of passion, energy, and anger. It is used in advertisements to tempt, or at least encourage, consumers to buy something. As it can grab attention easily, red is often used for sale markers and warning labels.
  • Black is the color of control and authority. Some will see it as unfriendly or boring, while others see it as being serious and professional. Because of these traits, black colored products will appear beautiful if a little expensive. When combined with a brighter color, the two can create an eye-catching effect.
  • Blue is a cool color that stands for trust and reliability. This color is great for businesses that rely on trust, like banks and clinics.
  • Yellow is a color associated with happiness. This bright and optimistic color encourages creativity and boosts confidence. Because of how cheerful yellow looks to consumers, businesses use it for things related to fun. 
  • Pink is the softer sibling of red. It is a calm and comforting color, related to the feelings of love and compassion. The color pink is mostly used by businesses within the cosmetic and fashion markets, and the toy market for young girls. It is a color that can be used with expensive and price-friendly items.

The importance of colors in business and marketing cannot be overstated. Businesses would spend time, money, and effort in researching the best color combinations to represent them. You can see this on the logos of famous brands. Some logos have changed design-wise over the years, but the choice of colors would remain consistent.

Color Combinations of 2020

Using a single color in a logo or brand is not always enough. Companies would look for the best color combinations. A good color combination is at least a pair of colors that emphasize the positive qualities while reducing the negative qualities. Below are two color combinations of the year 2020. For more combinations, you can read this article from Graphic Mama.

  • Black and Green is a color combination of the future because of its hi-tech look. As it is 2020, the color represents the second decade of the second millennium well.
  • Black and White is the tried and tested color combination. Often called as the classic color combo, its minimalist look represents the minimalist trends of 2020.

The Colors of the Future

A lot changed across the world when COVID-19 Pandemic hit. With the ‘new normal’ now in place, how much of today’s colors will change to reflect this new world status next year? Here are colors we believe will be trending in 2021.

  • Foliage Green – Bright and fresh, this color represents the freshness of nature and the coming of a new day. Natural and calming, its vibrancy strengthens positivity and happiness while countering feelings of stress and negativity.

  • Light Blue – The color blue has always been a color of trust. With lighter shades, it evokes both trust and peace, and peace is what we need for 2021. Bold and contrasting, it can create harmony with the right color combo.

  • Texture + Color – While a visual element and not really a color, texture helps reinforce a color’s qualities through a physical illusion. A coarse texture makes a color look rough or rustic, why a silky texture makes a color look smooth. This trend reflects new design options available in newer graphic design software.

  • Lemon Yellow – Yellow is a well-known color of summer. It’s bright and expressive, reflecting how self-expressive we can really be. The COVID-19 pandemic gave us a chance to know ourselves more, and in 2021 people will continue to express who they are.

If you would like to know more about how colors can work for you and your business, and what colors will best suit your business, please visit our website.