To Buy, or Not to Buy: Streamline Your Ecommerce Checkout Process With These Simple Tips

Nov 25, 2019 | Digital Marketing, Tips

Over recent years, online shopping has become the most convenient and popular way to purchase goods and services. Consumers can shop for groceries or last-minute birthday gifts from the comfort of their homes, on the train, or even while walking the dog. Online purchasing provides consumers with quick mobile access to the stores’ inventories, related suggestions, and so much more, making it easier for them to shop and for businesses to make profitable conversions. Unfortunately, many checkout processes on ecommerce sites are hindering the convenience factor – among other things – by giving consumers multiple opportunities to reconsider their purchases before submitting their orders.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to improve your ecommerce store for better lead collection and more frequent completed purchases. Bergey Creative Group is an industry leader in ecommerce development in Montgomery County, PA, and we are willing to help you redesign your ecommerce site for better navigation and improved bottom-line results. Below we have compiled a short list of some simple suggestions you can use to streamline the checkout process for fewer pauses, clicks, loading pages, and other opportunities and reasons for reconsideration.

Tips for Better Ecommerce Checkout Pages

Ditch Mandatory Account Registration

As we mentioned earlier, convenience is the key to successful online sales. Unfortunately, mandatory account registration is very inconvenient for many people, especially when they are in a rush. For some businesses, getting rid of the compulsory account registration has reduced online cart abandonment substantially. Of course, the data collected from making accounts is vital for many companies, but it might be worth it to trade data for sales.

Reduce and Simplify

Why make online transactions a long string of loading pages? If you can cut the checkout process down to one or two pages, you can avoid connectivity issues interfering with purchases as well as consumer frustration and impatience. Additionally, creating a user-friendly interface with Auto-Fill or predictive entry, fewer steps, and in-line form validation can expedite the process even further.

Remove Distractions

Do not give consumers additional time to reconsider their purchase or more opportunities to disrupt the transaction. Remove the navigation and sidebars and other distractions within the transaction process to discourage page-hopping.

Make Checkout More Mobile-Friendly

A high percentage of online shoppers use their mobile devices to make purchases. If they have to zoom in and swipe around to read directions or access a blank field or the pages are more challenging to navigate on smaller screens, it becomes more difficult and more of a chore to complete purchases. Slash the mobile bounce rate with mobile-friendly checkouts.

In addition to the above suggestions, some other ways to improve the checkout process include offering additional payment options, increasing security measures, and editing the directions for clarity. Even if your ecommerce store has been recently updated and is responsible for many online purchases, it can’t hurt to review your site from time to time to ensure the process remains smooth, simple, and modern.

Bergey Creative Group is a website design company in Montgomery County, PA, with a penchant for ecommerce development. If you believe your checkout process is inefficient or you want an ecommerce page upgrade, call Bergey Creative Group today to discuss your concerns and your options.