A Proven, Expert Digital Marketing VS Your In-House Digital Marketing

May 15, 2019 | Tips

When you work with our EXPERT Digital Marketing Team, you’ll get…


Work directly with our team of experts, one-on-one.


Collaborate with our crewto identify and achieveyour goal.


We’ll combine research, analytics, and scrutinize all data to design your customized strategy.


Each team member is focused on their specific role to create success for your company.


A results-driven campaign, backed by rigorous testing, data, and analysis will be launched and constantly monitored and maintained.


Watch your conversions surge, your ROI soar, and your business increase, all through our digital marketing expertise.

In-House Digital Marketing can be a HUGE undertaking. You’ll need to…


Do you really know what’s best for your business? Do you need more calls, visits, followers, contact forms, or likes?

Identify Your Target Market / Demographic

Who should you target? You’ll need to pull reports and have access to analytics to see what kind of people purchase your products, and your competitors as well.


Create Customer Personas

What’s a typical buyer like? You want to know information like annual income, ages, interests, family situation, and more.

Determine Your Budget

How much should you spend? You should set a reasonable goal based on the profit margin you want to generate, then set your budget.

Research Your Keywords

How will you optimize your website for SEO? You need to put yourself in the customers’ shoes and anticipate the types of terms they’re searching for.

Implement Your SEO Strategy

Who will update your site with meta descriptions, image alt tags, H1s, and update the copy to reflect the keywords you’ve elected?


Choose Your Channels

Which channel should you use? Facebook? Instagram? Google Ads? Email Marketing? Each business is different and requires a customized approach.

Launch Your Campaign

Who will set up and monitor your digital marketing campaign? You’ll need constant updates and need to make adjustments and modifications along the way to ensure success.

Manage Your Social Media Profiles

How will you track and engage with your followers on social media? You’ll want to maintain a good online reputation through constant posts and interaction with your customers.

Develop Your Email Marketing Methods

Who will collect addresses for your email marketing campaigns? What platforms will you use to build lookalike audiences or send news and special offers to your customers?


Build Your Blog

Who will curate content for your blog posts? You’ll need to create customer engagement, bolster your SEO efforts, and build industry authority for your company with interesting and captivating content.

Track Your Progress

What will you be monitoring to ensure your strategy is working and that you’re making progress? You’ll need to be tracking analytics, reports, A/B testing results, and much more data.

Reassure your ROI

When all is said and done, how will you knowif you’ve made a return on your investment? You’ll want to confirm that your profit margins are worth the investment.

Let Us Be Your Proven, Expert Digital Marketing Partner!