Judging a Book By its Cover: 4 Reasons You Need to Update Your Package and Label Design Right Now!

Oct 2, 2019 | Advertising and Marketing, Logo/Brand Design, Print Design

The packaging and labels you use for your products not only explain to consumers what the products are, their nutritional facts, directions for use, and health and safety warnings, but they are the symbolic representation of your brand and product that consumers value highly. More often than not, consumers will form an unconscious emotional attachment to specific brands, images, slogans, and packaging, remaining loyal to those brands for years – or even lifetimes!

Unfortunately, the market is always changing, and consumers’ expectations, legal regulations, and popular culture are continually in flux. These changes make it a necessity for companies to “get with the times” to attract new consumers and maintain the loyal ones while retaining the essence of their brand. One solution to this problem for your company is to update your products’ packaging and labels with Bergey Creative Group Design Services.

At Bergey Creative Group, we proudly provide effective logo design, web design and package design services in Montgomery County, PA, and we use our digital design expertise to update product packaging and labels to peak consumer interest, retain brand identity, and increase sales.

Why Take the Leap?

You might be wondering: If I have branded packaging and labels for my products that seem to work, why try to change it? Here are a few reasons to consider changing up your packaging:

  • Your brand is expanding.
    The goal for most successful businesses is to expand into new markets and access a wider range of potential consumers. Sometimes, when the time has come for your brand to grow, revamping your product’s look can make your brand more relevant to your new markets and bring attention to an important milestone for your company.
  • Nothing is set in stone.
    As we mentioned before, the market is always changing. The FDA and other regulatory organizations are constantly modifying their regulations due to new ingredients, safety concerns, and new research. You may have no choice but to review the content on your labels and redesign your packaging.
  • You need to stand out.
    Breaking from the clutter is a constant struggle for most brands. You want your products to differentiate themselves from your competition’s products, but you also want to catch the consumers’ eyes and draw them in before they choose another brand. Your packaging and labels should stay vibrant, fresh, and updated – it could be the final factor for a purchase!
  • Your message needs an overhaul.
    Over time, your brand’s message can get played out or stale, especially when your company is expanding with new products, services, and audiences. Your products’ labels should reflect the evolution of your message. This way you can ensure that your products are officially “on-brand.”

When it comes to your business, nothing should stand in the way of your success. With Bergey Creative Group custom package and label design services, you can increase the chances of your products getting noticed on the shelf, your audiences growing, and more consumers developing loyalty to your brand. For more information about our advanced packaging and label designs or to learn more about the best ecommerce website development services in Montgomery County, PA, call us at Bergey Creative Group today!