Pokemon Go and Business Marketing

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What is Pokémon go?

Technology is one of the biggest subjects in today’s world, and it has made tremendous advances over the years.  Phone apps are a major part of today’s society and there are new ones created every day.  The new game Pokémon Go, created by Niantic Labs and the Pokémon Company, is an augmented reality game that allows players to use real world settings and GPS signals to capture digital Pokémon characters.
















The smartphone GPS alerts users while playing the game or when Pokémon characters appear on their phones in augmented reality.  Players are then enticed to move around locally looking for characters so they can earn points.

Two types of locations trigger users to play the game.  They are PokeStops and “gyms.”  PokeStops can be any building within a specific location range.  They can be anything from local restaurants to businesses to churches.  In these locations, users stop in to grab extra Poke Balls and potions.  A “gym” is a location where players can bid and battle their Pokémon to gain control of that specific location for their team.


The World that is Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a video game, but it is also an augmented reality, which has caused its several million users to get up off the couch to play the game.  The experience that comes with the game is what has made the game become popular so fast.  The game's use of augmented reality is often confused with virtual reality.  The two are completely different in that virtual reality causes users to put on a headset and block out the world around them, while augmented reality causes users to get up, move around, and see the world in front of them.  Virtual reality is an escape from the world while augmented reality interacts with the world.


Virtual reality can create social conversation, but augmented reality can create face-to-face social communication. Pokémon Go requires users to explore the world around them and possibly meet new people.  Even though there are arguments against the use of Pokémon Go as a social game, at least people are getting out in the world.

Money and Marketing

Pokémon Go has made more money and attracted more users than apps like Twitter and Tinder; however, the company has done little marketing to make the game’s popularity grow at such a high rate.  The game is increasing in popularity mainly due to the anticipation of the games release and posts on social media.  Although the game is free for download from the app store, there are several in-app purchases once the game opens.  While attracting all previous Pokémon players, it is no surprise that Pokémon Go is one of the largest mobile games to hit the market.  Some of the reasons why the game is so popular are because of the new augmented reality feature and the fact that it is not only available across the United States but in Australia and New Zealand as well. 



Local places and businesses

If you want people to come visit your business, consider downloading Pokémon Go from the appstore to get your business to become a PokeStop or Gym.  PokeBalls can be placed inside a businesfor people to come and seek.  Some businesses have started posting signs and ads to attract customers to their location.  For example, one local indie clothing store posted a sign that read, “Gotta catch ‘em all in style!”  Another local museum called Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas photographed different Pokémon next to art displays and posted blogs about it to their site in order to attract customers.


Small businesses also take advantage of the attraction that is Pokémon Go.  One business called CitySen Lounge, an eatery and bar in CityFlats Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan noticed people glued to their phones and put up a sign to entice people to come to their small café.  It read, “get 10% off if you’re part of Team Mystic in Pokémon Go!” After that, the small business has had a considerable increase in customers coming to the café.

Various options can attract players of the game to a specific location.  One popular option is called a “lure module.”  These can be purchased by businesses, placed at PokeStops, and activated to attract wild Pokémon and more players to that location but only for a specific length of time.  In order to get players to come to your location, lure parties can be hosted as a cheap form of marketing.


Pokemon Go's attraction has proven to increase popularity of the gaming world and technology in general.  With this new technology and the business marketing hype it has created, Pokemon Go can only be a sign for more technological advancements in the future.












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