Succeeding in Graphic and Web Design: a Guide to All You Need to Know

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Thinking about a career in Graphic & Web Design? When looking to get hired, new designers should be aware of the following ten points in order to succeed in the field of graphic and web design.

1. Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience is one of the first important parts of starting an effective design project. Finding out what kind of audience your design is intended for allows you to create a starting point for your research and design process. Research is important to get the right idea about what is expected of your design. If you do not know who your audience is, the design you create may send the wrong message to viewers.

2.  Do Not Take Rejection Personally 

Not every person has the same opinion. Getting feedback from as many people as possible is important when creating a new design. You might think your design works and looks good, but to others, it may not make sense or seem confusing. Getting as many tips and suggestions as possible should not hinder your ability as a designer, but it will only make your designs stronger and more effective in the end.

3.  Learn to Network

The more people you meet, the more opinions and options you will have as a beginning designer. Social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. help you to meet new people and hopefully share and learn new ideas from the design world. Refraining from social opportunities in the design world does not increase your chances of becoming a better designer. It only hinders your ability to get your own designs out there and share what you have to offer.

4.  Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

Deciding to step out of your comfort zone and try something new is useful in becoming a better designer. Learning new concepts in design gives you more options for success at projects in the future, and being able to expand on your design process might help you discover and create something you did not know was possible.

5.  Design Isn’t Just Visual

Many people view design as only a visual concept when it is more than that. User experience is extremely important in addition to the visual process, because it allows for an easier time when using a website. Why people are using the site allows for a better user experience and provides a better delivery of your design, features, and content.

6.  Sketch Often

Sketching is important way to get your ideas out on paper. Brainstorming and writing down your thoughts and ideas helps to organize and come up with a well thought-out plan for where you are headed next in the design process. Being able to get thoughts down on paper allows you to visually discover what you are intending for a design and leads to better outcomes.

7.  Design is About Problem Solving

Approaching design as a set of problems to solve provides a reason for each specific part of a design. When choosing a color, for example, think about why it should be that color and if it ultimately is the right decision. Overthinking details can improve your design and allow you to better understand the reasons why you are making those decisions.

8.  Value Yourself

Believing in yourself is important when becoming a graphic designer, because not everyone has the same ideas. You know when you put in the hard work and get solutions that last. Not everyone will see your designs the same way, so it is important to show as much of yourself in design as possible. If you don’t value yourself and your ideas, people will not take you seriously.

9.  Keep Up With Trends 

In the design world, trends change constantly. Keeping up with new designs and what is in demand is key to creating designs the best you can. Staying up-to-date with apps and websites like dribbble.com, awwwards.com, etc. keeps you aware of what is going on day-to-day in the design world and allows you to incorporate those trends into your own designs.

10.  Don’t Give Up 

Becoming a designer can be difficult. Exposing yourself to new situations and opportunities only makes your design ability stronger. Learning to take criticism of your work is important in order to challenge yourself to do better things and become a better designer. It can be hard to start, but in the end all the hard work will pay off.





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