Bergey Creative Group Revives Brand for Rosenberger’s All-Natural Iced Tea

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Harleysville, PA – February 2, 2016 – How do you take a local, favorite like Rosenberger’s All-Natural Iced Tea and turn it into a regional sensation fast? Bergey Creative Group, www.bergeycreativegroup.com, an experienced multi-channel design and marketing company, did just that by creating several, new packaging-designs based on the results of a community survey the agency coordinated. 

Recently, Balford Farms of Burlington, New Jersey, www.balford.com, retained Bergey Creative Group to help rebrand, design and market the Rosenberger’s popular line of all-natural iced teas at rosenbergers.com. 

“What we liked about the Bergey Creative Group agency was their knowledge of the community and the passion, creativity and expertise they brought to the table to help us redesign and redefine one of the area’s most popular, line of products,” states Shawn Connor, Rosenberger’s Brand Manager.

Agency Asks For Community Feedback on Rosenberger’s New, Brand Image for All-Natural Iced Tea

Originally, Bergey Creative Group worked with Rosenberger’s approximately twelve years ago, helping to design and develop their line of tea and milk-packaging, only then to be bought out by HP Hood, LLC. With the new contract, the agency developed many, design-options for Rosenberger’s line of iced teas. Then, they created a simple survey based on Balford’s top six choices and engaged the local community closest to the original, Rosenberger’s manufacturing facility. This enabled the agency to get direct feedback from customers and overall impressions of the design-options being considered.

“Our goal was to allow the community that grew up with the Rosenberger’s brand to have a voice, share their opinions and ideas, and most of all, hear their passion for the brand,” states Tom Bergey, Bergey Creative Group President. “We received over 100 responses, and the feedback was priceless.” 

Today, Rosenberger’s new line of All-Natural Iced Tea products is available across the Lehigh Valley, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Lancaster County, and expanding quickly to stores in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York through Balford Farms’ existing, distribution channels. 

“We also grew up drinking the Rosenberger’s All-Natural Iced Tea, and there is a new level of excitement in working with Balford Farms as they bring back the original and popular, tea formulas,” states Bergey. “This is their first, private-label launch, and the bar is set high to repeat the same success we achieved many years ago with the original, Rosenberger’s brand. We love the challenge and are looking forward to the community embracing the Rosenberger’s new look while enjoying the original formula that made Rosenberger’s the must-have for on-the-go refreshment.” 

For more information, and to see the winning designs for Rosenberger’s Iced Tea please visit www.bergeycreativegroup.com/rosenbergers-tea

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