Tips for Embedding a Video on Your Website

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How do I embed a video from Vimeo and YouTube?

Advancements in technology and the internet has allowed for more consistent capabilities across devices. As a result, making sure users can view a video on your website has become as easy as copying and pasting.

In order to ensure that your video has been properly embedded you need to get the html embed code of the video on to your website. It may sound a little complex, but you simply need to copy the code from the source, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and paste it in your website html area. Most sources, especially YouTube and Vimeo, make it easy to access the code.

First, you need to go to the video that you want on your website. Somewhere on or around the video should be a Share button. YouTube has their Share button below the video and Vimeo has a button on the video.



Once you click the Share button in YouTube there is an Embed tab next to Share. In the Embed area is the code that you need to copy.


Once you click the Share button in Vimeo the Embed code will be provided at the bottom of the pop-up window.


Now that you have found the html embed code for the video, you can copy it for your website. However, make sure that you review the options BEFORE you copy it. You can adjust the size or select/remove some of the additional options. To see the options, click Show More in YouTube and Show Options in Vimeo.



YouTube provides several standard sizes to choose from or you can customize the size of the video. The standard preselected options include showing suggested videos when the video finishes, showing the video player controls, and showing the video title and player actions. You can deselect any of these options or leave them checked if you prefer. Another option that is left unchecked is to enable privacy-enhanced mode. By checking and therefore enabling this option, YouTube will not store information about visitors on your website unless they play the video.


Vimeo does not provide standard sizes to choose from. Simply type the width that you would like and it will automatically set the height to keep the proportions for the video. You can select from options like having the video autoplay, having the video loop, showing a text link under the video, and showing the video description below the video.


After you select the size of the video and the options you would like, copy the html embed code. Then navigate to the backend of your website and log in.



Once you are logged in to your website, navigate to the page that you would like to embed your video on. In the Content Editor add some sort of "marker" for where you would like your video to go. As an example our marker is XXX.


Click the HTML button in the page contents tool bar.


Find your "marker" in the HTML code.


Select your "marker"  and paste your video embed code.


You will see your video embed code in the HTML code. Click Update in the lower left corner of the pop-up window.


This is how your video will appear in the Content Editor. Do not be alarmed or think that you did something wrong. It will appear correctly on your live website. Save the page in the lower or upper right corner of the window.


View the page that you put your video on and navigate to where you put your video. Congratulations you did it!Website_live.jpg 

How do I remove ads from my video on YouTube?

When you are uploading your video to YouTube there are three areas of settings: Basic Info, Monetization, and Advanced Settings. If you go to Monetization tab there is a slider to turn Monetization with Ads on/off. Make sure this is off (when the slider is gray).


You need to set up a monetization policy if you want ads to appear so a warning and an agreement will appear if you accidentally turn it on.



How do I add/change thumbnail images for my video on YouTube?

Once your video has finished processing, three thumbnails will appear at the bottom. Click one to set as your thumbnail or you upload a custom thumbnail from your computer.






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