ARCHIVE of 2016

Saying Goodbye to Lower Salford

Lower Salford Elementary School said its farewell when it closed in 2013. The oldest of 10 school buildings in the Souderton Area School District, Lower Salford started assembly.. (read more...)
Pokemon Go and Business Marketing

What is Pokémon go? Technology is one of the biggest subjects in today’s world, and it has made tremendous advances over the years. Phone apps are a.. (read more...)
Succeeding in Graphic and Web Design: a Guide to All You Need to Know

Thinking about a career in Graphic & Web Design? When looking to get hired, new designers should be aware of the following ten points in order to succeed.. (read more...)
Music and Design: How does music affect design?

How does music effect creativity? How does music affect the brain? In many cases, music has been proven to improve concentration and attentiveness. Playing music such as compositions,.. (read more...)
Facebook Boosting: Improve Your Company Status

Social media has increased in popularity over the years, and in today’s society, its usage continues to grow at a fast rate. Sites like Facebook have grown.. (read more...)
Bergey Creative Group Revives Brand for Rosenberger’s All-Natural Iced Tea

Harleysville, PA – February 2, 2016 – How do you take a local, favorite like Rosenberger’s All-Natural Iced Tea and turn it into a regional sensation fast? Bergey Creative.. (read more...)